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Some prior projects (3)

  • U.S. Vascular device business – European contract-manufacturing plus regulatory clearance support, with USD 0.5 million upfront non-diluting funding. Presented in U.S. new Chief Executive Officer to company. Also aligned U.S. venture capital for new USD 1.5 million funding round
  • Organized contract-development of a field “NanoReader” for biological samples to serve with a U.S. firm’s lab-on-a-chip, for an ad-hoc industry consortia we established between the Netherlands and Denmark; secured upfront free cash of Euro 0.3 million to enable the project
  • US ophthalmology device – European animal validation, human trials, design development, regulatory EU & US, contract-manufacturing, with EU distribution option, supported by Euro 1.7 million funding package (non-diluting)